Take It and Run

from by Defuser

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He’s got a gun, he’s got a knife
The Devil’s gonna lead him to the light
‘Cause mom wasn’t there, dad didn’t care
The world chose his fate, tell me is it fair
When it’s chasing us in circles
Just like predator and prey
Well if they won’t give me any voice
Then what’s there left to say?

She’s got a love, she’s got a life
Their hopes and dreams are gonna lead her to the light
But when they burn, she’s gotta fly
She know’s where she’s going but she doesn’t know why
With a life that’s like a guessing game
And a fate paved in concrete
Even when we’re stuck to hopes and dreams
Are we ever free?

What’cha gonna do
When they’re coming after you
And the night’s always hunting the sun
What’cha gonna say
When they take your voice away
When the bullet’s in the gun
You better take it and run

He needs to go, he needs to breathe
To run away, feel the pavement on his feet
He’s giving in, the inevitable won’t wait
Tonight's the night that he seals his fate
Well it’s coming up again now
Just like smoke out of a gun
But if he can’t control what he can’t know
How far can he run?


Tear in her eye, tear in her heart
She rides the bus to keep from falling all apart
She needs a pulse, to feel alive
When he pulls the gun she sees death in his eyes
Now he doesn’t want no trouble
He just needs it to survive
But when he pulls the trigger
Well, fate takes him alive



from Sitcom​/​Take It and Run, released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Defuser Saint Paul, Minnesota

Defuser is a five-piece ska band from St. Paul, Minnesota.

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