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Turn up the radio
I need to shout a little something just to make you go away
Out of my head it hurts
You light my fire but I’ve already been burned
Took a shot, laid it on the line
And now I’m in the dirt telling myself I’ll be fine
So crank up that fighting sound
I’ve got a lot to purge, got some anger to be drowned

My city is burning down
You lit it up to watch it as it melted to the ground
There’s a snake under your disguise
You’ve got the good guy charm but the apathetic eyes
I can’t take your broadcast act
You’re like a sitcom story line falling off the track
I don’t need your temptation
Music gets me through, yeah the sound’s my salvation.

I’ve got it pounding in my stereo
Ready set here we go
Turn the channel, grab the handle
Can’t take it anymore
‘Cause it’s a ugly and a bloody world
I can’t face it but I gotta know
Are you ready for rocksteady
Revolution is on the air!

To get away I hit the streets
I see you in the pavement, in the metal and concrete
Rebel rebel, you were born to run
An emancipated spirit aimed and loaded like a gun
Streets pass by the train
Strummer narrates the righteous anger and the pain
People shuffle through a broken world
With beauty in its cracks and horror in its gold


I don’t know what I need to find
The answer to a question with an idea too sublime
For me to ever know
So I hit play and I just let myself go
‘Cause music is more than sound
It’s a fuel, it’s a message, yeah it’s something more profound
It defines who I am
And when I get lost I just put it on again



from Sitcom​/​Take It and Run, released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Defuser Saint Paul, Minnesota

Defuser is a five-piece ska band from St. Paul, Minnesota.

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